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Customer Testimonial

"As an e-commerce startup selling made-to-order custom mattresses, we need the highest level of professional service, which is why we work with New England Retail Express. It's critical to get accurate, timely information about orders, occasionally make special requests when customers request them, and have the confidence that customers are treated like royalty. The New England Retail Express staff become our ambassadors, the only people that our customers meet in person. And we know from surveys they are polite, courteous, timely, and thorough. I consider New England Retail Express to be our partners in business, and they treat us and our customers like we are the only customers they have."
Evan Saks, Founder, Create-A-Mattress

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“…The relationships we established with the team at New England Retail Express, coupled with their knowledge of the industry, ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, and focus on serving our clients’ needs, has enabled us to succeed in the marketplace…” –VP, National Department Store.